McAfee Launches Its Own URL Shortener

McAfee has launched a new URL shortening service over at, which leverages the security vendor’s threat intelligence to determine if the destination URLs are malicious or not.

Shortened URLs grew in popularity along with Twitter, the website where they truly made a difference, due to the 140 character limit for messages.

However, they have since become pretty much ubiquitous and are now used in emails, blog comments, social networking sites and a wide variety of other places.

There are a lot of URL shortening services out there and even more have came and went, but in the end, when it comes down to market share, few of them really count. is the biggest at the moment and is the default option on Twitter since May 2009, when it replaced the currently number two service –

According to McAfee;

To celebrate this exceptional service, we’ve developed a Firefox addon which makes using this service a breeze. After installing this addon, you will have a new context menu item labeled “Shorten with” when you right click on the page or any links in the page. Selecting this menu item will then display the shortened url and copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting into email, chat, or other corrsepondance. The shortened link will help others know the link you post is secure.

McAfee Secure URL Shortener is a Firefox extension that uses the service which utilizes McAfee’s Global Threat Intelligence information. The service allows users to create short URLs, which are checked against McAfee’s GTI databases prior to being shown to the end user.

Requirements: Mozilla Firefox

Download: McAfee Secure URL Shortener for Firefox


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