Free E-book: Windows 7 Guide, From Newbies To Pros by Matt Smith

If you have just made the switch to Windows 7, or bought a new PC that shipped with Microsoft’s latest operating system, then you may want to have a resource at hand to read up on the changes and new features that have been introduced.

This 50 pages guide is divided into eight different chapters, each divided into sub-chapters for easier reading.

Chapter 1: Introduction (including system requirements, different editions)

Chapter 2: Are we compatible (including software compatibility, Windows XP mode, 32-bit / 64-bit, driver compatibility)

Chapter 3: Learning the new taskbar (including taskbar layout, pin and jumplist feature, customizations)

Chapter 4: Using and customizing Windows Aero (aero interface, customize aero, customize wallpapers)

Chapter 5: Windows 7 Libraries (creating and managing libraries)

Chapter 6: Windows 7 Software (Paint, Wordpad, Calculator, Windows Media Player 12, Missing software, User Account Control, Microsoft Security Essentials, Windows Defender, Windows Firewall)

Chapter 7: Windows 7 Networking (HomeGroups, Wireless Networking)

Chapter 8: Windows 7 and gaming (DirectX 11, Games Explorer)

Download: Windows 7 Guide, From Newbies To Pros (PDF).

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