Google launches Google TV website

Google has launched a new website that provides more information about Google TV and its apps and all of the other features of Google TV.

Google has finally put up its official Google TV website that shows off the features and abilities of the platform. The website also links you to the two product lines that currently exist for Google TV which are specific line Sony TVs and the Logitech Revue.

The website also offers information for developers and states that in 2011 devs will be able to build apps for the platform. Depending on the APIs given to devs, this could open up a new world of possibilities for how your favorite content is displayed.

The product’s goal, in a nut shell, is to bring the entire Internet to your TV. By having Google Search on your TV you can now do anything you can imagine. You will be able to search about the show you are watching, browse flash based content, use apps (Android market place), interact with advertisements, augment streaming content, and all of this occurs on an external box that has Wi-Fi, HDMI, IR blaster, a “strong processor” that is capable of surfing the web, and it will be manufactured by third party vendors.

Visit: The Official Google TV Blog | Google TV website.


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