Alert: Beware Of Windows 8 Downloads!

There is an increase in so called Windows 8 releases, available on free file hosters, P2P networks and through other means. Some users may be tempted to download Windows 8 right now, but then again, those releases are not what they appear to be.

Windows 8 has NOT been released yet. Not as a release candidate, not as a beta and not as an alpha version. Microsoft is surely testing and using internal builds of the upcoming operating system internally, but the group with access to those releases is certainly severely limited.

Q: So, what can we make of releases such as Windows 8 Ultimate and others that have appeared for download on the Internet?

A: Those releases often use highly modified versions of Windows 7. They often come with their own themes to distinguish the look and feel from Windows 7. They often do make use of additional modifications, like a modified boot screen, taskbar or start menu.

It all depends on the version downloaded. It has to be noted that it is not legal to download and install those fake Windows 8 versions, and that some contain viruses, trojans and other malicious code.

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