Windows 7: Fire Up Your Small Business with Windows 7 Professional

Microsoft clearly trumps any other technology company for the amount of effort and resources it spends on building Knowledge Base (KB) and content repository to support its products and technologies.

In this article are new resources for Windows 7 Professional, a selection of customer-oriented content with continuous new additions.

– Expert Tips & Tricks
– Customer Tips & Tricks
– Articles
– Features
– Resources


The Ignite Your Small Business Articles collection helps small businesses avoid the “Top 10 Tech Mistakes” and answers many of the questions SBOs might have. This series provides more than 30 tidbits, with more being added all the time.

Expert Tips & Tricks

The Expert Tips series provides guidance to small businesses about upgrading to Windows 7 Professional and optimizing the system in their environment.

Customer Tips & Tricks

The Customer Tips series is a collection of user-generated tips for how small businesses can get the most from their technology and their Windows 7 Professional system.


The Features series includes product feature descriptions, a SKU comparison, and other information about Windows 7 Professional.


The Ignite Your Small Business site also provides a range of customer Resources, including product test drive & demos, links to PC purchasing sites and discount offers, and more. Scroll down to the bottom of that site page for Resource links.


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