Checklist: Moving your Windows Live Spaces blog to WordPress

Windows Live Spaces bloggers must have read that Spaces is now shutting down and that you will now have to migrate your Spaces blog to WordPress, sometime soon. While this article on how to migrate your Spaces blog to WordPress will help you, you definitely would have some questions in your mind pertaining to the migration process.

Here are some FAQs you should check before migrating your Windows Live Spaces to WordPress!

1. What will happen to my old blog posts?
We will move all your old blog posts for you. They will retain all their text and media content and will be listed in order just like they were on your Space.

2. Will my blog posts be in order by date and time?
Yes your blog posts will be arranged in order, just the way you published them.

3. What will happen to my draft blog posts?
Your draft blog posts will not move with you. Please publish or back them up before moving your content.

4. What will happen to comments? Will I know who the comments came from?
Yes your comments will move with you and we’ll also try to remove any spam. The comments with have date and time associated with them as well as the URL of the user who posted them.

5. What about my photos? Can I move my photos?
If you integrated your photos or any other media into your blog they will move right with your posts. However if you used the photos module, that will not move. You can always add links to specific albums to old blog posts without changing their published date and time. And your current albums won’t change their home – you’ll continue to be able to organize, edit and share them with your friends and family via Windows Live.

6. What will happen to my theme?
You will need to select a new one from the almost 100 offers.

7. What will happen to the various modules and gadgets I have?
Gadgets won’t be available to move. offers a Widgets Feature if you’d like to add any Widgets.

8. What will happen to my lists, guestbook and notes?
Sorry but we won’t be able to move those since most blogging services do not offer that functionality. We recommend for you to copy and paste it to a local document or email to keep.

9. How will visitors find my blog if I move it?
All your old URLs will redirect – so if visitors land on any of your old links – in profile, directly saved or from another page, they’ll be redirected to your new account.

10. Will all my old links continue to work – for my blog, for any individual articles and reference links within my blogs?
Yes, anyone landing on your old blog link or individual article links will be redirected to the right plan on your blog. If you referenced any other Spaces not belonging to you, that will depend on whether that blog is active and will be moved before March of 2011.

11. What if I have a private blog – will my blog now be public?
No, we’ll move your blog based on your old settings. During and after your move you will be able to change that option.

12. I have a private blog, will my friends need to do anything to view it?
For private blogs you have two options – you can either share it back to your Messenger Friends or you can invite individual friends to share with. In the latter case your friends will need to set up a account if they don’t already have one – should take less than a minute.

13. What will happen to my custom URL?
Your old custom URL will redirect your blog to your new location. You can choose to keep the name of your old blog on if it’s available.

14. Can I add a new blog to my existing account?
Yes. Just select the add a new blog option to your existing account during the move process.

15. Can I merge my blog posts with an existing blog?
Yes. Your posts will be merged according to date of publish. You can select a blog to add to when you move your blog.

16. Can I move and download my blog?
Yes you can but you should download your blog first and then move it if you want a human readable form. Alternatively you could move it to and then export an XML version of your blog.

Sourced from WLSC.


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