Diagnose Seagate Hard Drives With Seagate SeaTools

Seagate SeaTools is a free hard disc drive (HDD) diagnostic tool from none other than the storage giant Seagate. This tool lets you perform a series of tests including some advanced ones to check the heath status of your Seagate hard disc drive.

The tool lets you perform following tests:

– SMART Check

– Short Drive Self Test

– Long Drive Self Test

– Drive Information

– Short Generic

– Long Generic

– Advanced tests

When you launch the Short Drive Self Test drives run through diagnostic routine that is built in to the hard drive’s firmware. DST is completely data safe and adequate for most situations.

Select the PATA-SATA drive that you want to test and then launch a basic test. If SeaTools software indicated a FAIL statues and you have attempted to repair bad sectors, then you should consider checking the warranty status your device or hard disk.

This tool is a useful testing tool to eliminate the hard disc drive as the source or the physical cause of the system problem.

The Advanced Tests menu has options that could erase your data or make the drive unusable for your system. It isrecommend you backup all data before using this tool and also make sure that you go through the official manual to know more about each test in detail.

Download: Seagate SeaTools.


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