Microsoft Security Essentials soon to be released for SMBs

From October, small businesses can begin using Microsoft Security Essentials on up to 10 PCs in their company at NO COST to provide them with protection from viruses, spyware and other malicious threats. Prior to this licensing change, Microsoft Security Essentials was offered free for consumer use only.

MSE is very easy to get and very simple to use. The software requires no registration, trials or renewals and is available for download directly from Microsoft.

MSE provides real-time protection to address the ongoing security needs of a genuine Windows PC, helping to protect it from viruses, spyware and other malicious threats. MSE is designed to run quietly in the background, enabling you to continue using your PC – and running your small business – without constant interruptions.

The antimalware engine is regularly tested by numerous organizations around the world and has consistently been certified by the industry’s leading independent certification authorities: International Computer Security Association Labs (ICSA) and West Coast Labs, VB100, and AV-Test.

This is a great offering for small businesses, specially those which do not have a dedicated IT staff to manage their IT resources.

By providing Microsoft Security Essentials to small businesses free of charge, Microsoft extends its commitment to help these companies save money and grow their business by offering no-cost protection from viruses, spyware and other malicious threats.

If you want virus and malware protection to be centrally administered and integrated with group policy settings, then Microsoft Forefront Client Security is a better option for you. But if you are comfortable with more of a set it and forget it solution, and are looking for an easy way to save money, Microsoft Security Essentials is definitely worth a look.

Microsoft Security Essentials is powered by the same core malware protection engine that drives Microsoft’s enterprise solutions. It is now available in 74 markets worldwide and 25 languages.

Via: Small Business Specialist Community.

Update: Microsoft Security Essentials is now available to small businesses!

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