Download: Internet Explorer 9 Beta for Windows now available

For those eagerly waiting to download Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Finally, here are the download links! Windows Internet Explorer 9 delivers web sites and applications that look and perform like native PC applications through the power of Windows.

Features of Internet Explorer 9:

– Fast: Internet Explorer 9 is all-around fast. Designed to take full advantage of your PC’s hardware through Windows, Internet Explorer 9 delivers graphically rich and immersive experiences that are as fast and responsive as native applications installed on your PC.

– Clean: Internet Explorer puts the focus on the Web sites you love with a clean look and increased viewing area that makes your Web sites shine. Intuitive and seamless integration with Windows 7 provides one-click access to Web applications pinned directly to your Taskbar.

– Trusted: Internet Explorer is the trusted way to the Web because it has a robust set of built-in security, privacy and reliability technologies that keep you safer and your browsing experience uninterrupted.

– Interoperable: Support for HTML5 and modern Web standards architected to take advantage of the GPU means that the same mark-up not only works across the Web, but runs faster and delivers a richer experience through Windows and Internet Explorer 9.

For more, please visit Internet Explorer 9 Home Page and the Release Notes for Internet Explorer 9.

Download Page/Link:

Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008
Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta for Windows 7 64-bit Edition and Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Edition
Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta for Windows Vista 64-bit Edition and Windows Server 2008 64-bit Edition
Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta for Windows 7.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta is available in many languages. You can download Internet Explorer 9 Beta in the language that matches your version of Windows or choose the English version, which works with all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Click here to choose!

Note: Some of the download links may not work now, but they will work at the right time!

Update: In honor of IE9 Beta, Internet Explorer have launched a new and improved YouTube channel. Check out the video below and meet the user experience designers behind the look and feel of IE9 Beta

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