Microsoft Refurbisher Program and Anti-piracy Fact Sheets

Tens of millions of used computers, laptops, and servers that could otherwise be reused to extend their life are discarded each year by businesses, individuals, and organizations.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of owning a computer that fits within your budget, consider a refurbished computer supplied by one of the Microsoft Refurbisher programs.

Members in these programs take pre-owned computers, refurbish them, and preinstall genuine Microsoft software. You get a computer solution plus the added benefit of reducing e-waste worldwide.

It is estimated that 35 million PCs are refurbished and resold with software each year. Microsoft takes the manufacture and sale of counterfeit software on refurbished PC’s very seriously. Microsoft has released 2 fact sheets one of which also lists some computer componies who were caught in the act!

If you are refurbishing PCs and providing Microsoft software, make sure you only use genuine Microsoft software, and use one of the Microsoft Refurbisher Programs. If you are selling refurbished PCs to customers with Microsoft software, you must include the original recovery media that was shipped with the PC when new, the original Certificate of Authenticity (COA) associated with the exact PC, and original manuals.

Download: Genuine Windows Refurbisher Fact Sheet | Anti-Piracy Fact Sheet for Refurbishers.

For additional resources, visit Microsoft OEM.


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