How to repair Office 2010 or uninstall individual Office 2010 programs

Is your Office 2010 installation corrupted? Are your Office 2010 programs not working properly? In this case rather than go for an uninstall – reinstall, you might consider repairing your Office 2010 installation, first.

Here are the steps you will have to take in each case!

Repair Office 2010:

* Open Control Panel and click Programs and Features.
* Right click the Office 2010 program that you want to repair, and select Change.
* Next click Repair > Continue.
* Restart your computer.

Uninstall – Reinstall Office 2010:

* Open Control Panel and clcik Programs and Features.
* Double click Office 2010.
* The program will start its uninstallation process
* On completion, restart the computer

Now you can go in for a fresh install of Office 2010 again.

You cannot uninstall individual Office 2010 programs. If you want to install only specific Office programs, you must uninstall Office 2010 first, and then reinstall it using a custom installation, and selecting the programs that you want to install.

How to install only select programs in Office 2010 suite.

* Start the installation of your Office 2010 suite.
* In the Choose the installation you want dialog box, click Customize.
* On the Installation Options tab, right click the program(s) that you do not want installed.
* Click Install now to complete the custom installation.

If you cannot uninstall Microsoft Office, you might want to see this article Fix: Cannot uninstall Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 from Control Panel.

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