Anniversary Offers: Microsoft Windows 7 Family Pack availability by 3rd October 2010

Windows 7 is by far the bestselling operating system. Right from it’s launch last year in October it’s been quite a joyful ride for Windows 7 with record number of licenses sold till date.

And as now Windows 7 is nearing the First Anniversary on October 22, 2010, it’s just an ideal time for some offers! Starting October 3 in the U.S., Microsoft has stated that the Windows 7 Family Pack will be available for purchase at participating retailers and online at the Microsoft Store.

This Family Pack includes 3 upgrade licenses for Windows 7 Home Premium for just $149.99. Those who live outside of US needn’t worry because the Family Packs will also be launched in countries like UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France and many other countries on occasion of First Anniversary i.e 22nd October.

So all those who want to upgrade their Desktops (currently running Genuine Copy of Windows XP or Windows Vista) to the latest offering from Microsoft, this offer is most recommended.

Just to make sure that your Windows PC has the firepower to run Windows 7 checkout Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

Update: Windows 7 Family Pack Makes a Comeback Today!


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