Google Testing New Feature: See Search Results as you Type

Google is known for live experiments among random subset of users. SEO consultant Rob Ousbey was the part of such experiment who noticed that Google was automatically updating search results as he was typing without clicking the”Search” button or pressing “Enter”.

Google constantly retrieves the search results for your query as you type. This feature is quite similar to the way how Firefox Page Search,Windows 7 search or keyboardr works.

Its also very similar to The Real Live Search, which uses Bing’s AJAX APIs to show results in real-time!

Check out the video of this feature which Rob recorded. Google has also confirmed to Techcrunch that this video is real.

This new search feature is rolled out only to few people. The user reported that while using this new feature, you don’t have to press Enter or click on the “Search” button to see the results because Google constantly retrieves the results for your query.

Another source says;

As soon as you start typing, Google shifts the search box to the top of the page, and displays ads to the right and distracting search results below.” And it also says that you can turn off this live streaming search feature just by clicking “Turn off streaming” next to the search box.

Currently, Google has been giving only suggestions for the search results, but now, if they do decide to implement this feature, they will start providing us with real time search results, as we type in letters.

Now the question is will this feature be bandwidth efficient and will it be helpful?

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