Microsoft SharePoint 2010 brings BI to the next level

Microsoft SharePoint has a long history of bringing BI (business intelligence) capabilities to users, but it’s generally done so with a mishmash of acquired technologies revamped to fit the Microsoft model, look, and feel, and pieced together like Frankenstein. SharePoint 2010 changes that, taking BI to the next level.

The key concept behind BI (to avoid becoming BS) is that you have data amassing daily, hourly, even each second, and you need to do more than simply monitor that data or record that data. You need to analyze it, you need to share it, you need people to take ownership or accountability for it today — not three months from now when that information may be worthless to your company.

In SharePoint 2010, the BI tools are Microsoft Excel, the PowerPivot Add-in for Excel, Excel Services, Visio and Visio Service, PerformancePoint Services, Report Builder, and Reporting Services, all running off SQL Server, which includes SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), Integration Services, and Analysis Services.

Full Read @ InfoWorld.

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