Microsoft Services Launches New Offerings for Mission Critical Customers

Customers running mission critical solutions have always required higher levels of service and support for their environments, given the potential negative impact to their business if an incident or outage occurs to their mission critical solution.

With that in mind, Microsoft Services on Tuesday, 10 Aug, 2010, announced an enhanced Premier Mission Critical add-on for customers running business critical solutions on the Microsoft platform.

The new version of Premier Mission Critical will focus on three phases, all designed to help the customer achieve business continuity: Review, Maintain and Restore.

* Review for risk mitigation and support optimization through solution validation and architectural reviews.
* Maintain continuity by working closely with Microsoft Solution Engineers who facilitate and orchestrate proactive services, remediation, problem resolution, and knowledge transfer.
* Restore business if issues arise by taking advantage of the fastest response times and expedited problem resolution available from Microsoft.

Premier Mission Critical is now available for the following Microsoft products: Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft System Center, Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server.

For more information please visit Microsoft Services or check out this earlier announcement.

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