URL Shortener for Google Chrome Browser

When we are on some Social Networking website such as Facebook or Twitter, we often feel like posting some links and that time, the message box doesn’t allow us to since the characters exceed. This has happened with me plenty of times. When such a situation arises, we normally search for URL shortener.

The URL Shortener Extension of Google Chrome, allows you to shorten your url’s instantly!

Once your URL is compressed it is automatically copied to your clipboard and you can instantly share it on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Delicious, Digg, MySpace, Google Reader, Gmail or your default mail client.

Creating custom Keyboard shortcuts for shortening URL’s is also possible.

From the extension’s options page you can easily customize the interface by selecting only the services you want to use. You can also decide to display the icons or the text for the services.

For Installing this, head over to the Extension’s Install page, with your Google Chrome browser only.

How to use, its very simple, just open the link you would like to and click the icon on the top right hand side. After the URL is shortened, you will immediately get the URL, which by default is copied to your clipboard.

Check out: URL Shortener Extension of Google Chrome.

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