Windows 7’s biggest rival: Windows XP SP3

Thanks to sales of the new Windows 7 operating system, revenue in Microsoft’s Windows division jumped 44% to $4.55 billion from $3.17 billion a year earlier as the recent fiscal fourth quarter ending report indicated.

While there is a healthy interest in Windows 7 adoption and positive enterprise migration case-studies and consumer reviews, many enterprise users plan to upgrade to XP SP3, not Windows 7.

With Windows XP SP2 reaching end of support lifecycle a few weeks back, running XP SP2 is likely to become more and more dangerous for enterprises. Microsoft will not issue any more patches, meaning that when vulnerabilities are found, it will be up to those organizations to find a work-around or be vulnerable to hackers.

A recent poll confirmed that a large number of enterprises are still running XP.

Fiberlink’s survey found that Windows 7 was running on just .33 percent of computers in their survey pool, with 15.14 percent running Windows Vista, 81.57 percent running Windows XP and 2.96 percent running Windows 2000.

An informal PC Advisor poll found that 1 in 6, XP SP2 users plans to upgrade to Windows 7, while the majority will use Windows XP Service Pack 3.


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