What is Microsoft Office 2010 Click-to-Run technology?

Microsoft is offering a new way to download and install products of Microsoft Office 2010. This technology is called Microsoft Office Click-to-Run.

Office Click-to-Run is a new way for broadband customers to obtain Microsoft Office and to update Office 2010. Office Click-to-Run uses the virtualization and streaming technologies of Microsoft.

Office Click-to-Run products use streaming technology that is similar to watching a video on the web. When you watch a video on the web, you can watch the first part of the video before the whole file is downloaded. Similarly, you can start using Office 2010 before the whole suite or product is downloaded when you use Office Click-to-Run. Therefore, the rest of Office 2010 is being downloaded in the background quietly while you use one part of Office 2010.

Office Click-to-Run products also use Microsoft virtualization technology that stores Office 2010 in virtualized application space. This virtual space separates Office 2010 from the regular file system and from the other applications on your computer. This separation lets Office 2010 coexist together with any existing version of Office that is already installed on your computer. There are also other benefits to Office Click-to-Run.

Click-to-Run products also take up about half the disk space of normal products, they repair more completely, and they won’t break other software installed on the PC because they have private copies of all of their files and registration.

Click-to-Run is not a new Office “product”, it’s a new way of delivering and updating the products with which you are already familiar. Click-to-Run delivery is available for both the Office Home and Student 2010, and Office Home and Business 2010 products. It has full language support, and will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems (although only the 32-bit version of Office is actually run on both platforms).

Read More : KB982434 | TechNet.


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