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Windows Shortcut Flaw To Get Patch on Monday

Microsoft plans to release a patch on Monday Aug. 2 for a zero-day Windows shell vulnerability that can spread malware through shortcut files.

The company released an advance notice today about the out-of-band security bulletin to come, describing it as a “critical” patch for Continue reading

Microsoft launches Mobile App Match website

With the Windows Phone 7 release just around the corner it looks like Microsoft is getting ready for the big moment making sure they don’t miss out on something before the launch. While keeping it up with adding features and working on some of the shortcomings before launching the final product, they have now launched a website named Mobile App Match. Continue reading

Identify & follow Twitter users of your interest with BlastFollow

BlastFollow is a simple website that allows you to follow users that have a common interest. To use BlastFollow, simply enter a favorite hashtag (for example, “Windows 7″) in the box. Then, click the “Get Users!” button. Continue reading

10 Fun Microsoft Facts You Might Not Know

Despite ever-increasing Mac sales, Microsoft still has an undisputed dominance over the computer industry.

With such a vast presence, much has already been written about Microsoft: Its history, its products, even its former CEO Bill Gates. For those itching to know even more, we’ve dug up 10 snippets of info that you might not have heard before. Continue reading

Write protect USB flash drives with USB Write Protect

If you need to disable or enable the writing permissions on your USB drives easily, USB Write Protect may be the tool you are looking for. Continue reading

Bing Search Query Language Tips & Tricks

Bing has released a download documenting the Bing Query Language’ advanced operator syntax. Bing offers several ways to augment a basic Bing query. For the most part, we talk about using the Bing API to tailor requests. However, there is Continue reading

Windows 7 Upgrade Chart.

The chart below outlines supported and unsupported upgrade paths for Windows® 7 SKUs.

The chart was modified by Ed Bott at ZDNet. Continue reading

Cloud based Antivirus for Windows

A cloud-based antivirus software does not store the virus definitions on your Windows computer. Rather than using your computer’s processing power, this cloud based antivirus sends data about potentially malicious files to the company’s servers for analysis. This approach is intended  Continue reading

Recommended free Anti Virus software for Windows 7

Installing an anti-virus or a security software, after installing Windows is a must. This helps protect our Windows computer from viruses and other security threats. It is also important to keep your security software up to date at all times! Here are some very nice free antivirus software available for Windows 7 & Vista you might want to check out. Continue reading

Review: Top 5 Free Anti-malware Programs [2010 Edition]

Installing a good antivirus & keeping your Windows & your security software updated at all times helps protect your Windows computer from viruses and other security threats.

Do you use a free AntiVirus software for Windows 7; or a paid  Continue reading