Using Problems Steps Recorder to get help from your IT department without them having to see your screen.

Problem Steps Recorder lets you capture screenshots and add comments to create a visual record of the issue you’re having. You can then save the steps in a file and send it to your IT department.

Note: You maybe prompted to run the Recorder with Administrative priviledges

Here’s how:

1. Click Start and type Problem Record in the search bar

2. Select Record steps to reproduce a problem

3. Click Start Record, then proceed through the steps to recreate the issue you’re having

4. If you want to add any text to support the screenshots, use the Comment feature to save it into the file

5. Click Stop Record when you have the information

6. In the Save as dialog box that appears, type a file name, then click Save. The file will be saved with a .zip file extension, which you can email to your IT department.

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